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Comic for Sunday October 12th, 2003
Comic title: #2 Why didn't you say there was treasure?
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Posted by Oswyn Hawke on Friday, March 3rd, 2006 - 2:03 PM

No, really, what is the point of this?

if you hate the layout, it is all my fault. I take the blame. And the cookies. But that was kind of a given, that I would take the cookies. I like cookies.

Howcome (and why isn't howcome a real word?) my side of the rantbar is so small? It's not really fair, is it? like, is my stuff less important? GO YANKEES!!!! I feel like my stuff is somehow less important. GO YANKEES!!!! WOOO!!!! Or maybe it's just because I'm only the writer and not a writer/author.
Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the unequal distribution of our rantbar. GO YANKEES! GO YANKS GO! ANDY PETTITTE IS A PITCHING GOD! ROGER CLEMENS RULES! GO YANKS! That was it, really, I don't really care. It just didn't seem fair.

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