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Comic for Sunday June 17th, 2007
Comic title: #144 Sacrifice Redux
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Posted by Grey Kitten on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 - 9:54 AM

Gaming addiction

The news is trying to create fear again with articles like this.

Are video games addicting? Sure. But that's more a function of how the human brain works. People are wired with tendencies toward obsessive behavior. This applies to video games. It applies to anything that human beings might do.

Is it a special disorder worth classifying as its own disease, requiring special rehab? No, that's retarded.

If you get obsessive about a video game to the point of neglecting your life, all that is required is a cold turkey break from the game. Will there be withdrawel like trying to quit smoking? No. Maybe if it is an online game there will be psychological withdrawel from the social aspects of it, but the chemical dependancy is lacking.

After you break the habit of obsessing over a video game, a momentary weakness in which you break down and play again will not send you back into full-blown addiction like an alcoholic taking a drink will. In fact, coming back to a game you obsessed over is more likely to cause you to wonder wtf was so special about it before. The shine doesn't usually come back.

It's not the same thing.

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